…on today’s memorable quotation

I haughtily trumpet this truth: I was a Trekkie way, WAY before it was cool and sought. Star Trek. Precisely whence today’s memorable quotation.

On the Enterprise, experiments are being conducted presently with a soliton wave, which will effectuate light speeds sans engine propulsion, and the heretofore – and more so now! – rhapsodic Geordi, in his ebullience at existing in this “moment in history,” is palpably bewildered by Data’s insouciance at the same:

“Every nanosecond in this continuum is a moment in history once it has elapsed.”

– Data, Star Trek TNG: New Ground

The cross-pollination of conviction I have previously distinguished between my thinking and that of Emerson; through epochs and intellects; which is realistically to be anticipated and openly received if one comprehends the essence of the Over-Soul; is, in actuality, oft-evident in Star Trek. Data, repressing the exhilaration of Geordi, receives the passage of time and events of History with indifference equal to that of my hero; that notwithstanding, I imagine – and expect! – Data was doubtless programmed with the complete works of Emerson; ergo, I should not be taken aback at the glimmer of a perception deserving of – and stirred by – him.


The only time the word, data should be singular

“Time dissipates to shining ether the solid angularity of facts. No anchor, no cable, no fences, avail to keep a fact a fact. Babylon, Troy, Tyre, Palestine, and even early Rome, are passing

already into fiction.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, History, 1841

As a Classicist, I have already expressed a humbling unease with Emerson’s perception; the revelation which determines that events to which I have dedicated years of study should fade to inconsequence with the advancement of minutes, hours, years; yes, these are regarded as momentous and even revered in our day; but, what will become of them at the hands of time?

Consolation for me is to be found in the words of that same sage; my hero, whose notion of the Over-Soul prescribes that the human soul is inconceivably beautiful, immortal and immeasurable; and every human soul is wed with all others to constitute one soul.

“Of the universal mind, each individual man is one more incarnation.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Over-Soul, 1841

Even more so, when one perceives the fact that the Soul cements all men and transcends time; yes, time and space are irrelevant in this construct, as everything persists: both Nature and man…both Catalina and I stood and stand beneath Betelgeuse upon gazing up at Orion in the northern hemisphere winter night sky.

“In reading those fine apostrophes to sleep, to the stars, rocks, mountains, and waves, I feel time passing away as an ebbing sea. I feel the eternity of man, the identity of his thought. The Greek had, it seems, the same fellow-beings as I. The sun and moon, water and fire, met his heart precisely as they meet mine.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, History, 1841

Moreover, that Cicero was an eminent man; nevertheless, corresponding promise for my comparable notoriety contemporaneously must also be conceived and pursued.

“How easily these old worships of Moses, of Zoroaster, of Menu, of Socrates, domesticate themselves in the mind. I cannot find any antiquity in them. They are mine as much as theirs.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, History, 1841

The thread of brilliance wends its way through being: events, figures and existences: a final word on this inter-connectivity:

“When I feel that we two meet in a perception, that our two souls are tinged with the same hue, and do, as it were, run into one, why should I measure degrees of latitude, why should I count Egyptian years?”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson, History, 1841

Tick, tock, tick, tock…

4 thoughts on “…on today’s memorable quotation

  1. “The soul circumscribes all things. As I have said, it contradicts all experience. In like manner it abolishes time and space.” I have no churlish objection to the circumnavigation of the universe for the purpose of art, of study and benevolence, but when he travels abroad for the purpose of finding himself in the final frontier, he travels away from himself and grows old even in youth among old things, carrying ruins to ruins, even when he finds himself at odds with the Borg in the remote Delta Quadrant. Oh that the Star Trek crew had downloaded the writings of Emerson that were certainly programmed into Data’s database, and realized that if they looked inward to their Over Soul the frontiers of time and space had already been conquered!

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    • 👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻🅰🆙😂🌭

      You did what that favourite of our quotes what I did in that business meeting to shut down that dodo!

      Imagine my joy at linking my hero to Star Trek!


  2. Well,,,well,,,well,,, Miss Iron Fist you once again serve as a catalyst to get my creative thinking cap on. As Julie Andrews sang with her beautiful melodic voice “these are a few of my favorite things.” You might ask “What are a few of Doreenie’s favorite things?” Let me tell you-Star Trek and talking about the Soul. You continuously demonstrate so eloquently that your hero (Emerson) is quite an old soul himself. So with that said I can’t wait to begin…. To me the soul is the next best vesicle of data besides the brain that we as individuals possess. I love the brain and it is is a good thing to “pick” often however, when our old Language Arts teacher in days of yore (my favorite and you know who) would ask us for an example of a noun I answered with prior knowledge from my soul. To me, our soul is the connection of lifetimes filled with nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, to name a few or maybe several. Imagine diagramming those sentences?? Ha! Edgar Cayce, known as “the sleeping prophet” stated that “The journey of the Soul… by the lessons gained in the physical experience… it may take (its) place in the realms of soul activity in an infinite world among others that have passed through the various realms… which first called every soul and body into experience.” Many have been skeptical throughout the decades with his work however I think Emerson was the pioneer once more saying something so similar. Thus, those lessons are learned with those you are connected to.“Of the universal mind, each individual man is one more incarnation.” It is wonderful to know that we are all connected (the universal mind) and we see incarnations in others. As far as Star Trek, if I can have the logical highly intellectual brain of Mr. Spock implanted into the handsome, phaser packin’, swashbuckler Captain James T. Kirk (William Shatner in 1966) I would be in heaven. Suuueee!!! Damn,, what a man…:) Ha!! Thank you for this. Loved writing every word. xxx

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    • Oh, Doreen, you do make me smile. I bet Miss Greco read Emerson…well, I should like to think so! I remember Dorothy Zbornak recounting a disastrous first date by lamenting, “am I the only one who thinks diagramming sentences is fun?” You and me baby!

      I have never read Cayce; but, you are right: that insight is reminiscent of my hero. And how you “get” him — Emerson — too. Reading him makes me happy, as he invokes in me similar feelings, emotes and thoughts. I recall someone calling his writing “dry;” and nothing can be further from true; his words are emotive, cathartic and dripping with such sincere emotion and kindness. Your embrace of the inter-connectivity of your soul to others (the soul; or Over-Soul is also linked Nature, and God is actually Nature) is evident in your poems too. I wish I could write poems like you do!

      I loved your Star Trek fantasy…you swashbuckler-loving dirty Gertie from number 30 you!!! xxxx


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