…on breathtaking guest poesy!

I have, with confidence, surrendered this site to an endowed childhood friend, Doreen Gilgio, who composes stunning and exquisite poesy; and corresponding with recognisable themes on this site, this particular verse extols art, which – in myriad constructs – has been a inveterate ingredient here, and which is a focus about which Doreen is both fervent and conversant.

I leave the reader in the skillful hands and gifted pen of Doreen…

“Matt Albanese is an aspiring young artist that I had the privilege to meet at a local art show this past fall. While I was admiring his paintings, Matt mentioned to me how he would like to see someone write poems to accompany his paintings. This was my lucky day as I turned to him and said “I Write!” Purchasing several small prints, I remarked what a great addition they would be to my Halloween decorations strewn throughout my house as they were quite wonderfully ghastly. However, I couldn’t take my eyes of from one of his paintings, “When Worlds Collide”. It is my absolute favourite and it served as a source of inspiration, to not only; write a poem to accompany it but also to continue writing for Matt’s masterpieces. While observing the works of these greats, Dali, Van Gogh, Munch, and Picasso, I discovered that some of the titles from each of their paintings fit very well to the painting Matt created. In fact, it was uncanny how they were connected as if they were destined to come together and play this delightful game of poker which ended in quite a brawl. Even though these artist’s styles are very different they all had one thing in common; the need to exhibit the transparency of their souls and ingenious minds on canvas.

Note: all the words in bold are the titles of the paintings from the artists.”

Four of a Kind
By Doreen Giglio

On a Starry Night at The Night Café

The Drinkers of Europe came out to play.

Getting together seemed always The Dream

Talk around town placed them on the same team.

The date was set for The First Days of Spring

Most of their money they needed to bring.

At each setting there were tumblers with rum

Card deck was cut and dealt to each of them.

Silence maintained, Anxiety mounted

Serious looks exchanged, chips were counted.

Someone was winning, Jealousy began

Might be a blow-up, a strategic plan.

The Tragedy of it all was each one folded

A fight broke out, the players were scolded.

The Scream was loud for everyone to hear

Especially for the one with no ear.

Sharing quick ideas from their gifted mind

Can be heard when there is four of a kind

(Artist: Matt Albanese-When Worlds Collide) (Painters included with works: Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch, and Salvador Dali)

2 thoughts on “…on breathtaking guest poesy!

  1. Thank you so much for inviting me!! Your kind words are very encouraging. I feel very honored and quite humbled as well. xxxx


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