…on cats what ain’t cats

This captures one of my more creative moments: sitting in judgement on medieval artists; and these horrors can only be unseen by watching kitten videos on YouTube. Enjoy again…

A Classicist Writes...

…and debatably; art what ain’t art; I renounce that to the eye of the beholder. I encountered a medieval painting of a “cat,” which carried with it limitless hilarity; he/she/it resembled not – even in the smallest degree – Theo…or any other cat I have yet glimpsed for that matter. A Google search yielded finds likewise peculiar. One friend hypothesised that artists hadn’t grasped how to…grasp implements such as paintbrushes or palate knives; another – similarly to me – that it is an unattainable endeavour to persuade a cat to remain immobile; however, I have ultimately contemplated the unavoidable inference that these people just didn’t like cats!

I deviate from my, by now predictable, self-indulgent observations; many of which have been about art, to bring the reader yet new – and I use the term loosely – (medieval cat) art.


Untainted conjecture: this guy strayed from
his path to…

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2 thoughts on “…on cats what ain’t cats

  1. I wish I could find it again, I read about it in college, where this monk was doing paintings of angels and he was criticized for making them look too life-like. That they shouldn’t be so well formed and realistic in how they look like a person. So perhaps the artist knew the people didn’t like their art to actually look like what it was supposed to be of.

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  2. So, that’s a really intriguing perspective. I wonder who it was who deemed them too life-like? It it was a religious person/figure, one would think he would welcome — indeed, expect! — super-realism in icons!


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