…on London.  A thunderstorm.  And a cat.

The favourable circumstance of coexisting with nature is not oft bestowed upon the denizens of a modern metropolis; especially this author’s best-loved manifestation of nature: STORMS; moreover, the United Kingdom is effectually bereft of the sudden, run-for-your-life thunderstorms that are recurrent in the States; and whose absence is felt by this same author!

Today; however, I was bequeathed the — in London! — singular and coveted occasion to knowing ultimately flawless joy in existing beneath the fiercest, most impassioned and potent thunderstorm yet this year.

And I enjoyed companionship; togetherness: our favourite neighbour cat: Jerry Coyne (named for an eminent Evolutionary Biologist revered by Geth and me: https://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/), an amiable little girl who pitches onto her back and exposes her belly in an appeal for rubs.

Jerry and I sat in quiescence, the only two inhabitants of the planet for these twenty minutes in time — she, luxuriating in my lap and rolling about beside me in equal measure — whilst nature’s mightily, magnificent performance unravelled and heightened about us.

Until it started pi**ing down and Jerry bolted!

Breathtaking potency for all to behold…

And whence you, my friend?


The lovely Jerry Coyne

This spectacle is for us and us alone…

“Somebody pet my belly…please!”

3 thoughts on “…on London.  A thunderstorm.  And a cat.

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