…on: can you see it?

Today is my birthday.  I have previously asservated that am not ordinarily in the habit of sharing my political views publicly; and that indeed, the likelihood of my doing so again on this forum is infinitesimal; however, I defy the odds to declare that the finest birthday gift endowed upon me, having managed my expectations, was to awaken to a hung Parliament; and not naturally wishing to give Theresa May (and the wretched DUP) a slap!

I dispensed a similar sentiment to that which follows when Donald Trump was elected; and albeit not in the totality of instances, we have unquestionably beheld restraints on him that accord me both optimism and every reason to doubt the sustainability of his office.

Today’s hung Parliament will feasibly signal that the integrity of the NHS remains unimpaired and that ghastly Brexit will be “soft” and not one which reflects the will of Theresa May(hem)’s party and the will of her “friends and allies” in the vile DUP.  I proffer further positive anticipation, if only for myself:

“But the wise know that foolish legislation is a rope of sand, which perishes in the twisting; that the State must follow, and not lead the character and progress of the citizen; the strongest usurper is quickly got rid of; and they only who build on Ideas, build for eternity; and that the form of government which prevails, is the expression of what cultivation exists in the population which permits it.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson, Politics

Can you see it? I can…

I like this because it resembles basil!

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