…on Theo’s thirteenth birthday

This day, my best boy turns 13; which promises I can indulge myself for a year in its entirety howling, “thirteeeeeeen” in the style of Pullo and Vorenus:

Carnage and loyalty in Rome notwithstanding; thus ensues some inevitable cat cuteness:

Upon my arrival home from work (teeming with childlike and innocent frenzy the entire way home on the Underground because Gethyn had called me the minute he got into the car with him and I detected his delicious little kitten noises) I laid my eyes upon him and sang, “Theoooo!” He was a lovely kitten:


He also attracted trouble; his little kitten wails once summoning us from the next room to discover that he knew not how to extricate his wee kitten head from in between the slats in the dining room chair; continuallly vaulting himself onto the poor Heating Engineer lying horizontally to try to carry out his work;  the time I cautioned Geth, “please close the bathroom door whilst running a bath or…” Thence was heard…SPLASH:


Theo also has a penchant for being a tad self-indulgent; a jerk if you will:

He vaults onto the table whilst I am anticipating cleaning it; and in act of felid obstinance, elongates himself languorously; said performance wordlessly imparting this sentiment: “get stuffed, Mummy.” Jerk.


He hollers his head off, bounds about like a felid cannonball, vaults onto my head, screams undeviatingly into my ear and when he rejoices in the certainty that I have wholly awakened, he reposes thus. Jerk.


To my unutterable delectation, there also are his homages to my beloved RWE (he knows what makes his Mummy tick):

“Turn the cat upside-down…and how agreeable is the picture?”

“Consider whether you have satisfied your relations to father, mother, cousin, neighbour, town, cat, and dog; whether any of these can upbraid you.” SOMEBODY PET MY BELLY DAMMIT! NOW!!

And…he adores coffee!

“Is this a coffee which I see before me? The aroma toward my snout? Come, let me clutch thee!”


My best boy also boasts numerous appearances on the esteemed and wonderful WEIT as well:


So, today, I offer a happy day to my beautiful, coffee-slurping, Emerson-loving, pseudo-celebrity (h/t: JAC) and favourite jerk, whom I cherish.

And now I must away to pet his belly, dammit!

13 thoughts on “…on Theo’s thirteenth birthday

  1. Happy Birthday, Theo. The content of the video, which I wanted to post in his honor, has been blocked by Warner Chappell in the US “on copyright grounds”! Is there another video or new picture of Theo I can have soon to post?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Jerry! Seriously??? They must have changed the settings because this is the video you shared; that’s the only reason it has hundreds of views! I will see if Geth can change the settings!


  2. Your feline prowess Theo has graced the universe for 13 years. Hugs, kisses, and Happy Day Your Royal Highness. A round of buttery dishes and cups of coffee for everyone!! Laurie, your loving tribute to your little “jerk” is impeccable as is all of your writing. xxxx

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  3. Happy Birthday Theo! I hope you appreciate that due to your jerkness, you wouldn’t still be looking so good at such a ripe old age if it wasn’t for such wonderful staff!

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      • Ha! Thanks! I love being an Aunty! All the credit and none of the responsibility! 🙂

        As well as my human nieces and nephews, I’m also already a recognized Aunty to a very friendly black greyhound/labrador x called Blackie and a beautiful tabby cat called Miss Pussy (very imaginative names!). So Theo is now part of another family!

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      • Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

        A few people have been having trouble with posts not showing up. I’m not sure what the problem is. I know there are some issues with WordPress if you’re not on their platform, but are separate like I am. I’ve asked the guy who looks after that side of things for me to look into it, but he can’t find anything wrong our end, so it must be a WordPress thing. Hopefully updates will eventually sort it out.


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