It’s National Black Cat Day!

“Antonia has her flowers in a humble balcony, her birds, and an immense black cat; always addressed by both husband and wife as “Amoretto,” (little love!).”

~ RWE, Europe

This is dedicated to Jerry Coyne (…

It’s National Black Cat Day!

Happy day from my black cat, Theo.

Unfortunate and regrettable human superstition culminates in black cats waiting, on average, 13% longer, to be rehomed than cats of other colours. Lamentably, this also increases euthanasia statistics among black cats.  Today, I join other admirers of these beautiful creatures in paying tribute to and making public my love for my beautiful black cat, and the other black cats in our lives.  We also seek to raise awareness of those still hoping for loving homes.

Here is the link to Cats Protection for further information:

Please, if at all possible, adopt a black cat TODAY!

I am pleased to feature some photos of Theo..

On his Daddy’s shoulder

Still on his Daddy’s shoulder

Just being gorgeous

“Look, Jerry; I have a face!”

11 thoughts on “It’s National Black Cat Day!

  1. Theo is so gorgeous! He’ the perfect ambassador for Black Cat Appreciation Day. I’ve written about the plight of black cats and Black Cat Appreciation Day. It’s shocking that people are still superstitious about black cats in this day and age.

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    • Thank you, Heather! We love him. I follow your blog; but, I never receive notifications; so, I have to use the Reader, end even then, the newest ones is a couple of days old (it takes a while for WordPress to catch up with you = )!)…


      • There are quite a few people who don’t receive notifications. It’s a problem with the WordPress reader that they need to fix. It’s been ongoing for some time. Sometimes when a person stops themselves from receiving comments on a post, it stops them receiving all notifications even if they re-subscribe. For some reason it doesn’t record the subscription properly.


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