…on today’s memorable quotation

We often speak of morality; for example, religious versus secular; however, the goodness corresponding to great works of art passes unnoticed, and pure and true art may be said to conspire with virtue. To wit:

“These are the countenances of the first born, – the face of man in the morning of the world. No mark is on these lofty features of sloth, or luxury, or meanness and they surprise you with a moral admonition, as they speak of nothing around you; but, remind you of the frequent thoughts on the purist resolutions of your youth.”

~ Emerson

3 thoughts on “…on today’s memorable quotation

  1. Okay, totally random, but I never realized that was an actual painting by Leonardo da Vinci. My first thought was, what is she doing using the picture from Ever After? But then I was like hmm, maybe they were using a real painting in the movie, and was like this was why he was inspired to paint it. So yay I learned something new today!

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