…on nor are we cats

“For we are not pans and barrows, nor even porters of the fire and torch-bearers,…”

Nor are we cats!

Still emphysematous from laughter. I received this image from Jerry: another badly painted “cat.”

Is he an Imperial Walker?

Is he a tooth?

Is he in the initial stages of spaghettification?

Indeed, what is it? I renounce this too, to the eye of the beholder.  For I present another painting of a “cat,” which carries with it even more limitless hilarity; he/she/it resembles not – even in the smallest degree – any other cat…ever.  One friend hypothesised that medieval artists hadn’t grasped how to…grasp implements such as paintbrushes or palate knives; however, this work is not quite medieval; it is mid-nineteenth century. Is it an unattainable endeavour to persuade a cat to remain immobile? This guy certainly appears to be moving. I stand by my aforementioned ultimate contemplation: the unavoidable inference that this Artist too, just didn’t like cats!

5 thoughts on “…on nor are we cats

  1. Oh my goodness! I’ve seen a lot of bad cat paintings, mostly “thanks” to Jerry’s website, but that one takes the cake! I think your idea that it’s the model for an Imperial Walker is a good one – that’s what it most resembles, and somehow one expects bad stuff to come from a cat that looks like that, as with a Walker.

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