…on the malignity of religion

To the chagrin of numberless of believers, science and religion are not analogous: many of these posit that to invalidate a scientific theory authenticates the actuality of a creator; and that such would demonstrate the provenance of life. This is categorically untrue.

Furthermore, countless disciples maintain that said doctrines are matters of faith, and no corroborations are compulsory; however, there is an onus of verification on those advancing claims.

Not demarcated to leaders solely; to the religious adherent, every individual who does not hold with his or her deity is an atheist (to the Christian, the Muslim is an apostate), and in myriad belief systems, foreordained for interminable persecution following death. Can you feel the love?

I prefer that which is tangible and discernible; that which does not result in disharmony. To wit:

“All science has one aim, namely, to find a theory of nature. We have theories of races and of functions, but scarcely yet a remote approach to an idea of creation. We are now so far from the road to truth, that religious teachers dispute and hate each other, and speculative men are esteemed unsound and frivolous. “

~ Emerson, Nature

Gethyn holding Einstein’s plant

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