…on an expanding matrix of concentric “Circles”

I love Circles!  Love, love, LOVE!

Emerson observes what I have termed “an expanding matrix of concentric circles;” wherein each progenitor: every epiphany, every utterance of genius, every virtue, every accomplishment; is in some sense, repudiated by its descendant; is obfuscated by the same.

“…that around every circle, another can be drawn…”

The newly-drawn circle is “…at once the inspirer and the condemner of every success…”

~ Emerson, Circles, 1841

This contradicting juxtaposition: “I both admire you and condemn you;” is an ironic particularisation of an expanding matrix of concentric circles.


Santorini’s caldera; itself a circle…

Nature’s flux speaks to the inevitability that languages fade, landscapes metamorphose and evolution happens: the circle that was Latin over-written by that which is English; the circle of ancient Thira, now the circle of the islands of Santorini; the circle called hominid now a circle named homo sapiens. Events past are represented by smaller circles fixed at the centre, and herein lie the unambiguous reasons for my discontent: the perception and unease of epiphany; and in fact, irony; that events past may somehow; some day, be relegated to insignificance or circles rendered imperceptible by ravages of time; by their successors: at once the admirers and condemners.

In contrast to the imbrication of a Venn diagram, Nature displays but a single coaxial circle: an utterance or action by one occupying a continent is surpassed by one existing upon another; representative of the interconnectivity of all minds and souls through Nature.

Whilst the temptation exists for complacency and laziness, the equal possibility for aspirational pursuit!

Carpe diem, y’all!



7 thoughts on “…on an expanding matrix of concentric “Circles”

  1. NATURE centres into balls,
    And her proud ephemerals,
    Fast to surface and outside,
    Scan the profile of the sphere;
    Knew they what that signified,
    A new genesis were here.

    And since we know from the wisdom imparted to us by another esteemed Ralph, and his buddy Ed Norton, we are best prepared when we address the ball. Hello ball!!

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  2. The Islands of Santorini-never visited but on my Bucket List. Hmmm….Greek, Olympia, Olympic Flag… The five CIRCLES of the Olympic Flag represent 5 continents created in 1914 by Pierre de Coubertin. Sets of Venn Diagrams… I’d let Emerson run with the torch and light the Olympic Flame. What about you? Ring a Ding Ding…. 🙂

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    • DOREEN! You are my biggest supporter with your kind words and wisdom.

      As far as I am concerned, my hero, Mr E, can do anything and NO ONE can draw circles round him. I should ask Geth to build me a time machine so I can travel back and be his PR guy! Not that he would need one, mind.

      And if you ever go to Santorini, we’ll meet you there!


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