…even more guest poesy

“All men are in some degree impressed by the face of the world; some men even to delight. The love of beauty is Taste. Others have the same love in such excess, that, not content with admiring, they seek to embody it in new forms. The creation of beauty is Art.”

A leaf, a sunbeam, a landscape, the ocean, make an analogous impression on the mind. What is common to them all – that perfectness and harmony, is beauty.”

~ Emerson, Nature

Emerson asserted that the purpose of Nature’s existence is to be proclaimed through man. David Hockney was uncommonly affected, and drawn to the face of his world; his native Yorkshire; and his discontent with merely admiring brought forth some of his most exquisite masterpieces.

As Nature through man, “Yorkshire Wolds” is nearly reincarnated through the exquisite verse of Bob Oskandy, a man of great intellect, immeasurable knowledge and who composes some utterly dazzling verse. I have posited that art begets art and both Hockney”s painting and Mr Oskandy’s verse conceivably both precede and inspire the other; so existing is their interconnection to me.

I cease my musing and turn the reader over to the mind, pen and inspiration of Mr Oskandy:

Flames flicker the ghost of you
in winter’s silence
as pine trees in dappled snow
reflect a tinsel dawn
arousing light as if by magic.
And if pain could produce you
then you would flame forth
as Solstice Fire
in the mystery of kenosis
seeking another being
to die in.

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