…on autumnal dreaming

“Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower.” ~ Camus

To distinguish events in this singular capacity is an exceptional gift, for one is wont to negatively regard autumn as the decease of summer and in equal measure, to repudiate dreams as solely the uncontrolled musings of the mind in its dormancy. Do not this!

I adore autumn and I had never read these fine words of Camus before a dear friend enlightened me thus; nor am I now anticipated to disremember them. We marvel at autumn’s palate annually; however, are inclined to consent to this resplendence’s passage as unnoticed; it is merely “the end of summer.” This is regrettable.

The wonder of autumn as a magnificent reverberation and renaissance of an event. Likewise our consciousness and experiences.

To wit:

“He may see what he maketh. Our dreams are the sequel of our waking knowledge. The visions of the night bear some proportion to the visions of the day.”

~ Emerson, Spiritual Laws

Of art, Emerson observed, “In eloquence, The great triumphs of the art are, when the Orator is lifted above himself; when consciously he makes himself the mere tongue of the occasion and the hour, and says what cannot but be said.” The words and verse which emanate from the Orator or Poet are not orchestrated by him; rather, these manifestations of the Eternal Mind find him.

Emerson distinguished what he called abandonment: self-surrender; a condition in which the Artist releases himself to be unconditionally shepherded by his art. In this circumstance, a thought or idea is the original art, and the physical piece becomes a reproduction of it.

Correspondingly — and like autumn! — dreams are the progressions of our days.

When the mind surrenders itself to this striking rejuvenation, it becomes inconceivable to dismiss events as the products of either dormancy or the axial tilt (mae’n ddrwg gen i fi, Geth!).

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Autumn on Wimbledon Common

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